Center for Skateboarding, Action Sports, and Social Change

About the Center

The Center for Skateboarding, Action Sports, and Social Change promotes evidence-based, academic research on the global impact of skateboarding and other action sports. The center engages local and international scholars, practitioners, and athletes worldwide; industry experts; social media influencers; nonprofit organizations and cultural institutions; corporate sponsors; alumni enthusiasts; and philanthropic partners to help build stronger and healthier communities through skateboarding and action sports.
  • Create a hub for innovative interdisciplinary scholarship around skateboarding and action sports.
  • Provide space and support national and international scholars to collaborate with our faculty on skateboarding, action sports, and social change-related research and publication.
  • Create synergies between students, researchers, and local and global communities in skateboarding and action sports by connecting academic disciplines to community-driven approaches.
  • Utilize the global nature of skateboarding to help students see themselves as a part of a larger global citizenry.
  • Promote the mental, physical, and social health created by skateboarding and other action sports and subcultural community bonds.
  • Promote architecture and urban environments designed as more inclusive and intergenerational spaces for self-learning, mentoring, innovation, and social cohesion.
  • Utilize the Urban Movement Labs as a multi-use and multi-generation space that promotes civic and cultural sustainability through collaborative interactions.
  • Research and test technology for skateboarding that uses less construction waste and promotes best practices in civic construction, such as water-conserving, CO2-absorbing, or plant-based concrete.
  • Develop connections between our students and researchers and government agencies, NGOs, and international organizations in action sports.
  • Enhance students' skill sets (marketing, communication, digital and print content, architecture, design, fashion) to foster careers in the action sports industry and NGOs.
  • Strengthen student retention by creating research and curricular spaces whereby students' lives and narratives are recognized and valued as a realm for success.

Contact Us

Neftalie Williams, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Skateboarding, Action Sports, and Social Change
Email: [email protected]
Center Office: 2nd floor of Nasatir Hall